Friday, 8 September 2017

The Zombies! By Dhiyauddin Anuar

               The taxi stopped in front of me. All four of us, me, Josh, Drake and John went inside the taxi. It was a very tiring day for us because we just finished volunteering for a charity programme for the poor. I sat on the front seat with the driver and the others were on the backseat. I shook the driver’s hand. He had a thick moustache and a bald head. He looked very neat in the taxi driver uniform and judging from his physical appearance, I thought his age was probably around 30 to 40 years old.

               “To where shall I drive this vehicle?” asked the driver. He looked very energetic and playful.

               “To the nearest Starbucks Café, please,” I replied.

               “Alright, here we go!” he said. On the way to Starbucks we had a little chat about global issues, racism, politics and many more.

               A few minutes passed and we arrived there at Starbucks. We invited the driver to join us for a drink. He agreed and we ordered our drinks. As we were enjoying our youth with the great smell of coffee that filled the atmosphere, suddenly a customer at the café screamed like a little girl. He was struggling convulsively on the floor and all the customers were freaking out. We were wondering what was going on when we saw drugs on that customer’s table. This was not going to end well.

               After a few seconds, he stopped. Red velvet pool of blood was around him and still pouring out from his mouth. His eyes were wide open. He was dead. Just as I thought the horrifying scene was over, they guy stood up. Oh my God! From that moment we knew, he was not human anymore! He looked at John with lifeless eyes and pounced on him. He ripped off John’s flesh with his teeth in a blink of an eye.

               “John! No! Let him go, Mister!” Drake screamed. He was trying to get the undead man away from John when suddenly John kicked the man and torn Drake’s flesh. In a split second, the whole cafeteria turned into them. Zombies!

               Things were getting out of control and chaos struck the city.

               “Get into my taxi! Hurry up!” the taxi driver said with a scared little girl’s face. We all ran into his taxi and the engine sound started to fill the atmosphere. We planned to drive to a building and barricade ourselves in there. It was chaos everywhere and the driver was trying his best to get us away from the undead. Soon after that, we found an abandoned, tall building.


               We called for help but we could not reach anyone. It was like the whole city was in anarchy. We went to the rood of the building to get a better view of what was going on. Suddenly, dozens of zombies broke through the roof’s door. To survive, we fought to the death like the Spartan warriors. But the difference is we were using baseball bats and metal pipes. One by one, the zombies fell, we sent them straight to Hell!

               Finally, after a few minutes, we managed to kill them. All of them. Josh blocked the entrance. Suddenly, we saw a helicopter coming this way.

               “I think they saw us, we’re saved!” I screamed with joy. But the driver was silent.

               “What’s going on Mister? Are you alright?” John asked. We were really shocked when we saw a bite mark on his hand.

               “This is the end of me, kids.” He said while walking to the edge of the roof.

               “Be a good adult when you grow up, and never take drugs.” He said after a little chuckle. Blood was already cascading out of his mouth.

               “It was a great pleasure meeting you sir,” I said.

               “Me too, kid. Me too.” He was preparing for the worst. In a split second, he jumped.

               The sound of the helicopter’s blades cutting the wind filled the atmosphere. Suddenly we found something on the floor of the roof. It was the driver’s wallet. From that moment we knew, his name was Sudin.

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