Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My Boyfriend Is A Taxi Driver by Nurin Batrisyia

            The taxi stopped in front of me. I quickly opened the back door and stepped in since it was raining heavily.

            “Where to miss?” asked the taxi driver.

            “Hard Rock Hotel, please,” I answered as my eyes were looking at the taxi driver through the rear mirror and saw his charming face.

            Along the way to my destination, we chatted and got to know about each other. His name was Sudin. He was so friendly and I loved how sparkling his eyes were.

            “Here we are,” said Sudin when we arrived at Hard Rock Hotel.

            “Thank you. How much it would be?” I asked while searching for my purse in my handbag.

            “You don’t have to pay,” he answered and smiled.

            “We will meet again soon,” he added and winked before he drove off without saying goodbye. Puzzles were in my head but I tried not to care and strode into the hotel – and that was how we met.

            It was my first day in France. I was moving out from my old house in California. I didn’t have any friends staying in France and decided to stay in a hotel before finding a house. After Sudin sent me to the hotel, I took a long nap since I was jetlagged. That night, I had my dinner at the nearest restaurant and strolled through the city.

            I was enjoying the beautiful day. There were colourful lights accompanying me throughout the way. Suddenly, I bumped into someone familiar.

            “I am sorry, I didn’t see… Miss Jenna?” said the person whom I recognised his voice. It was Sudin.

            “It’s you! I’m sorry. I didn’t see you were coming this way,” he apologised.

            “No, it’s okay. It didn’t hurt at all,” I answered and smiled.

            “What are you doing here alone?” he asked.

            “Nothing. Just strolling around and enjoying the splendid view of Paris I guess?” I chuckled.

            It was a nice night. The humongous disc glowed brightly that night. Spending time with him was a great beginning to start my life here. We eventually had each other’s numbers and messaged every single free time we had – and it all started to change when an incident happened.

            It was a cold night. He promised to meet me at our usual hanging port. As I was waiting patiently for him, there was a white van approaching me at a high speed. I tried to get away from the place when suddenly someone covered my face with a handkerchief. I tried shouting for help but I didn’t manage to do so since I fainted due to breathing in the chloroform-soaked handkerchief.

            I woke up with a blurry vision. It was dark. My head hurt a lot and I didn’t know where I was. I was so confused of what had happened and shrieked when I realised I was half-naked. My tears started to swell up and cascade down to my cheeks.

            Just then I saw a dark figure stride towards me – and the light was turned on. The figure smiled evilly and stroke my chin.
            “Don’t you dare to touch me!” I shouted. He didn’t care and laugh evilly – and annoyingly. I looked around and gasped in stun when I saw Sudin in the middle of the room. He was tied on a chair and I saw devilish red liquid around him. His head was bleeding and the blood cascaded down to his face continuously.

            “Sudin!” I shouted. The figure continuously laughed and left us alone and locked the door. I used the chance to find something for me to escape from there. With the remaining energy I had, I managed to escape from the tight rope that tied me at a pole. I staggered to Sudin and cried non-stop.

            He was so weak because he lost so much blood. He slowly looked at me and apologised for something. I was confused and could not think of anything else. He moved his head to signal me about his phone. Thankfully, there was a line of communication. I called the police and ambulance and told what happened.

            Few minutes after that I heard the sirens. I was resting my head on Sudin’s lap when a troop of police and medical saviours entered the room. I was too tired that my vision got blurry and everything went dark.
            Now, here we are in the hospital. I am not severely injured but Sudin is in coma. I am still confused why that night happened and I guess I need to wait for Sudin to wake up. It has been two months since it happened. It is a horrible experience I ever have that I do not want to remember it at al but it is perpetually embedded in my mind. I am holding Sudin’s hand when suddenly I feel someone grab my hand back. I lift up my head and look at Sudin’s face.

            “I miss you,” he says.

         “I miss you too,” I gasp in joy and we smile to each other meaningfully.

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