Monday, 29 July 2013

Blue on white by Anais

     Change is inevitable. The sea changes from cold in the winter to warm in the summer. The sun shines during the day, while the moon takes its shift during the night. You're a child at one point of your life - then Tada! You're all grown up.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Comics in the classroom: A Fighter's Lines

Comics in the classroom: A Fighter's Lines

The persona in the poem is an old soldier. He is tired as he is old and weak. He and his people suffered in the past in their fight for freedom of their country and they made many sacrifices. People lost their lives and some remain nameless or unknown.
The persona, who believes that he will be in the wheelchair for the rest his life says he can only watch the happenings around him. Physically, he is helpless and he has no energy left. He was either seriously injured when he was a soldier or is very ill. He finds that times have changed and being a crippled man, it is too challenging for him to fight the injustice he sees around him. He is troubled by many lies being told everywhere.
Being highly spirited, he calls on the younger generation to wake up and fight on. They have to realise that they have to form lines or ranks irrespective of racial, religious and social differences to fight courageously for justice. He wants the young people who inherited the country's freedom to be united and denounce lies which may threaten the country.
The persona feels helpless that he is not heard. He urges the younger generation to fight or speak up for what is right because it is now their turn to do so.(Copied from Teacher Nuha's blog)

Comics in the classroom: QWERTYUIOP

Comics in the classroom: QWERTYUIOP

It is a short story of a young girl named Lucy Beck who got a job as a typist at Ross and Banisters. She had difficulty handling a haunted typewriter. The ghost who haunted the typewriter was Ms. Broome. Ms. Broome was reluctant to leave the typewriter because she still regarded herself as the secretary there. At last, Lucy Beck managed to make Ms. Broome leave the typewriter. Please read the short story to know more about it.

These are some examples of comic strips done by my students based on the short story QWERTYUIOP.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Survive by Azim Tarmizi

     I could not sleep throughout the nigh. Holding my guns while my eyes checking each part of the room. Being cautious and beware of them. Bang! I heard the door smash into pieces. Their red eyes could be seen clearly in this pitch black room. Calmly I took out my guns and katana, a long, very sharp, hard and slightly curved sword, from its sleeve when they were all rushing towards me with a really bad intention. Fresh stained blood was all over my body when I started focusing on killing them all, one by one. Using every part of my body, kicking and punching with all my strength. The fight lasted for quite long. While holding back my katana, I climbed up the stairs to get into my plane. Safer than here, I guess. I took off in the morning when the sky could clearly be seen.