Thursday, 27 June 2019

Nur Aleya Umairah Mohammed Faisal, 5 Intan 2019

     I was cycling around the town when I noticed Mr. Harper's Clockwork Shop from across the street. I had known him ever since I moved into Sherbetlane Town when I was five. His shop was filled with antique, shiny, brass or copper forged pocket watches, grandfather clocks, cuckoo bird house clocks and more. I cycled across the road when the traffic was held by a red light to greet my old friend.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Anis Maisarah Samdzul Azman, 5 Delima 2019

     I was cycling around the town when I noticed someone, a person whom I really wanted to talk to, was sitting under a huge tree at the park that I always went with my friends.

Zulhelmi Akmal Bahaudin, 5 Delima 2019

     I was cycling around the town when I noticed a building at the edge of my town. I decided to cycle around the town to explore it as I only just moved here. 'Rayan Bakery' was the name written on the signboard of the building which I could assume that it sold baked goods. With a rumbling stomach, I entered the building which rang when I opened the door. And there, I saw it, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. A hotdog bun with red hot sauce all over the bun. What I didn't suspect was someone beyond the counter who changed my perspective forever, at least about the buns. With long black hair and hazelnut eyes, the bespectacled teenage girl left me wondering; was this my lucky day?

Monday, 17 June 2019

Noor Zafeera Sofea Zulraimi, 5 Intan 2019

     I was cycling around the town when I noticed there was a small round pin left on the ground. Although it was small but the shine of the metallic pin was just fascinating. The pin had a symbol shaped like a raccoon eating pie? I didn't know but it was surely strange. I bent down and I reached for the pin but what even stranger was when I stood up I was like in another place. Somewhere impossible, a place I never had known existed before. I looked around and there were skyscrapers, flying cars, exotic plants and Oh, my! They were huge. It shocked me to death so I unconsciously dropped the pin and then I was in the real world, no flying cars, no talking plants. I picked the pin up and again I was in the 'Tomorrow Town'. Then, I put the pin in my pocket safely and rode the bicycle, wandering in that magical place.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Nurul Irdyna Parizal, 5 Delima 2019

     I was cycling around the town when I noticed a cat was staring at me from afar. The cat's eyes told me to approach it as if the cat was desperately asking me for a help. So, I slowly parked my bicycle near the pitiful cat while observing the cat's appearance. I was struck in awe when I noticed how well-groomed the cat was looking at the moment. The cat's fur looked like it had just been brushed and bathed. But then, when I came close enough to the cat, it hissed at me and I was shocked by it which almost made me fall off to the ground. Being extra cautious, I moved backward bit by bit. 

Sharifah Nurul Ain, 5 Delima 2019

     I was cycling around the town when I noticed an old man in about 60 or 70 years old tripped down and fell onto the zebra crossing. I went to him and quickly parked my bicycle by the lamp post and helped him get up and brought him to a bench situated in front of a flower store. I asked him whether he was fine and he answered yes, he was. Nearby, there was a milkshake kiosk so I decided to buy one for him and one for myself. I told him to stay put and wait for me. He must have been exhausted of the sunny weather. I just wanted to quench some thirst too.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Nurul Atieqa Sharin, 5 Delima (2019)

     I was cycling around the town when I noticed a new comic book store that had just been opened. In the speed of lightning, I dashed towards the store, pedalling my bike as hard as I could. Once I arrived at the store, I parked my bike carefully, locked it and headed towards the door. Excitement was filling up to the very brim to the point where I banged myself at the door. My careless mistake. The sign said 'Pull' not 'Push'. Never mind, then.