Monday, 18 September 2017

My Husband Was A Taxi Driver by Syauqina Sabri

               The taxi stopped in front of me and I could see the driver was a very charming young man. His face mesmerized me for a few seconds. ‘Oh, this is different from what I have thought. Usually, the driver is a bald, old man who does not capture my attention at all.’ My thought of him was only lingering in my mind. I acted normally and went into the taxi.

               On  our way to the shopping mall, I got the chance to know him better as he was a very friendly person and he was willingly introduce himself without me asking for anything. From his story, I knew that his name was Sudin and he was 22 years old. He drove his father’s taxi as his father was unwell and fortunately he was on semester break and he got nothing to do at home.

               Sudin’s alluring gaze made my heart skip a beat as no one had ever looked at me like that before as I realised that I was not the one that you could call pretty. I was not even close to that. Living in a world where people assumed that pretty means you have to be thin, fair and all, I guess. I was on the ugly side as I was fat and dark.

               He looked like a nice guy but you know what they said, ‘Never judge a book by its cover,’ so I was still be careful of him and only shared same details about myself to him.


               “Hey, I know you! You are the girl whom I sent to the mall with my taxi, isn’t it?”

               I almost spilled my drink when someone approached me out of the blue and stated that he knew me. I almost forgot about the taxi driver until he showed up in front of me that day with a casual outfit and a slick-back hair and that charming face that could make any girl fall for him.

               “Oh, yes. It was me, I guess,” I answered while smiling at him. “May I sit here?” he asked politely but I was unsure to let him sit or not as I had caught those mocking eyes from the other people. I thought they felt weird because why would a really good looking man want to approach an ugly girl like me? I had got immune with that kind of thoughts so I just let him sit.

               Who knows from that moment, we could be a super close best friend. We went out together several times and I found out that he was really a kind guy and I got more comfortable with him as I never had a guy friend before. He seemed sincere to befriend me. He was like my ray of sunlight during my gloomy day.

               We were doing just fine until one day the dark cloud started to engulf my source of sunlight. I got news that Sudin involved in an accident when his taxi was hit by a lorry. Never had I felt so overwhelmed by myriad of emotions. I felt my day was pitch black. Why would this happen to me?

               I rushed to the hospital to find out that he was still in a critical state in the operating theatre. He got a blood clot in his brain. I waited patiently and my eyes darted lazily on the wall. I could not think of anything except praying to God for his safety.

               Hours felt like days and after waiting several hours in an extreme intense situation, the doctors came out. My tears of happiness cascaded down my cheeks and colours filled my face again when the doctors informed me that he was safe and in a stable condition.


               It has been five years since that incident which almost tore my heart to pieces. Sudin and I are still together but now the different is, he is not my best friend anymore but it has got even much better because now he is my husband. It is a beautiful fate and I am happy and grateful with it.

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