Monday, 18 September 2017

God's Plan Is The Best by Athirah Othman

               The taxi stopped in front of me, right at the time where I almost got caught by the intruders.

               I did not think something like this would happen to me but there I was. When I woke up, I found myself lying down on a cold, damp cement floor. My hands and feet were tied. I was too dazed and muzzy to figure out where I was or what I was doing in that strange place. Suddenly, an incident came flooding into my memory. I was parking my Audi car in the empty garage as I just came back from work which was never done before. Then, without any hesitation I entered my house. Suddenly, someone leapt from behind the door. I did not get a chance to scream as the second intruder put a chloroform-soaked cloth on my face. I blacked out.

               I tried to sit and when I did it, I found myself being confined in a small chamber. Everything was bare except for the thermos flask in one corner. The shutters were all closed tight. However, there were a few shutters missing and in their place a piece of plywood was nailed. I wriggled free from the rope that bound me. I made my way to the door to open it but as I expected it was locked from outside of the chamber. I heard voices. I strained my ears to figure out what they were talking about.

               “The girl is detained in our custody. What are we going to do with her?”

               “Yes, boss.” The intruders then laughed creepily before I heard their footsteps slower and slower which showed that they went away from that place.

               My expectations were confirmed. I was being kidnapped. Why did they kidnap me? I was not from a wealthy family. When my panic and tears ebbed away, I tried to figure out how to escape from that horrible place. Suddenly, I got an inkling. I made my way to the nailed plywood and wrestle with it, clawing at the nails. I was on the verge of giving up when suddenly a jogged piece of plywood peeled off. I climbed out of the hole with determination and burning sensation all over my limbs which was mattered with blood. Then, I ran as fast as my leg could carry me.

               After hours of running and groping through the secondary jungle, I saw lights flickering in the distance. It was a small town with bunch of people. I made my way there to ask for help and some food as I employed all my energy running just now. Suddenly, I heard familiar voices, I know that the voices were owned by the intruders. I tried to hide but they saw me and chased after me. I ran to the road and suddenly a taxi stopped in front of me. This was when the lights started shining brightly on my day.

               The taxi driver introduced himself as Sudin. That was the last thing I remembered before I woke up in a house. I went to the kitchen to look for food before a motherly-faced woman came and greeted me. I was shocked but I acted cool. She was wearing ‘telekung’, which showed that she was just done performing her prayer. When I saw her, I wondered the last time I wore that. I was too far from the Lord. Suddenly, the taxi driver, Sudin came in. He gave me a piece of clothes and a hijab. I was hesitated to accept that but I did not want to wear my clothes which was mattered with blood. I accepted those things and wore them after bath. After taking bath, I walked around the house as I was bored. Out of the blue, I heard voices of reciting Al-Quran. I was so touched. I did not know why. Tears were cascading on my cheeks. Then, the motherly-faced woman who saw me crying, hugged me to calm me down. Then I told her what I felt and asked for permission to stay here longer to learn more about our religion. She allowed me to do so and suggested me to learn from her son who was still studying in an Islamic University.

               This was when I started to be close to Sudin. He taught me many things from basic to the complicated things that I had forgotten. I was thankful as I had met and known him as he taught me many things about life.

               After about two weeks staying here, I decided to go home. Sudin sent me home and I was very thankful to him. He had helped me a lot like saving me from the intruders and helping lodge a police report for me. He had taught me many things. I will never forget this experience with him forever. If God did not set this incident to happen and make me meet him, I am sure I would be very far from God until now.

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