Monday, 4 November 2013

The Vow by Adam Alani

     I could not take it any more. I kept running and dodging bullets that were fired at me. One of them almost got me, but I managed to take cover. Bullets were everywhere. It was like fireworks at night in Disneyland. Bombs, missiles fell from the sky like maple leaves shed of trees in autumn. I took cover behind a half roasted metal. I could not tell because it was dented with bullets and painted with dry blood. A pick-up truck or maybe, it was. I sat down and decided to take a rest, resting from all of this holocaust. I took a deep breath in but all I could smell was the scent of burn tyres and gun powder. I was used to it now because it had been three days we had been holding of the enemy. I looked around I saw my team mates fight for their lives to protect our nation. But what for? If only men did not learn to kill. If only the word 'war' did not exist.

Red by Aishah Shahidi

     "Red," said Nicol to Anna. Anna rose her eyebrows.
     "Since when you love red?" Anna questioned while looking at the brochure, containing many optional dresses.

     "Since now. Just a few minutes ago." Nicol laughed while shaking her head. Anna's eyebrows started to knit together. 
      "What's wrong with her best friend?" She questioned herself.

Red by Anais Adila

     Red is a beautiful colour. The colour of leaves in the autumn. The colour of the sky when the sun sets. The colour of the lights at a concert. But, seeing red will make me frown and grit my teeth, trying to choke down the sobs building in my chest. Because red reminds me too much of him, of us. Red is the colour of the blood that seeped out of my skin as I pulled a razor gently across it. Red is the colour of the envelope he left on his drawer addressed to me and red will always be what I felt when I fell in love with him.

An unexpected Guest by Adriana Alfi

     It all happened when I was 16. Kids my age would be creating unforgettable and noteworthy memories, so that when they grow older and reminisce the past, a smile would be carved on their faces. But not for me, it was totally the opposite for that chapter of my life.