Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My Military Friend by Daniel Farid (Obama)

               The taxi stopped in front of me and I matched up the plate registration number with the given one. I sat on the cushion of the taxi and told him, “Ipoh, please?”

               The taxi driver turned his back and answered, “Ok.” I managed to look at his name tag and it was written Sudin. His name evoked me of my ex-schoolmate but I just put it aside. It was Saturday so my routine for every Saturday was car spotting but I didn’t have a car. I meant I shared a car with my sister so basically I didn’t own a car. Back to the ride, usually I would only call this taxi company for their transport service and usually they would send Syed to fetch me up but on that day, Sudin came. I was a little bit awkward because usually I would have a chat with Syed but not for that day.

               I took out my Sony Alpha and cleaned the lens, as it was a tedious ride. Then, I tried to take a few photos of the city. When I was focusing on Ipoh Tower, I saw something huge flying down to it. I zoomed at it and saw a ship like alien spaceship or something like that. I was about to tell Sudin to drive me to Ipoh Tower but out of blue, a bomb dropped just 3 cars in front of us. Sudin pulled over the taxi and turned right into a small street. Then, I said, “That’s what I meant.” Sudin yelled, “We better get out of this city or we will lose our head.”

               Sudin drove at 180 km/h which I considered as standard speed but whatever it was, he was indeed a professional taxi driver. Back to chaos, Sudin was driving the taxi and suddenly a missile shot us at the back of the taxi. Boom! The taxi was flipped and both of us were trapped in the taxi. Fortunately, Sudin managed to escape and rescue me as I could feel I was being grilled at that moment due to the fuel leakage in the fuel tank. I was about to run across the road but Sudin yelled my name and shouted, “Wait!” fiercely. At that moment, I was so curious on how he knew my name and suddenly my mind replayed my childhood memories and I just realised that he was my old friend. We were friends when we got into Royal Military School. It came like a flash flood, I remembered every silly and mischievous thing we had done. I ran back to Sudin and he took out a HK416 rifle from the boot of the taxi and gave it to me. He asked, “You still remember how to shoot?”

               Honestly, I left military for a decade so I didn’t remember how to shoot professionally. I managed to hug him for a while but his eyes were on the gun. Then, he said, “Dude, just pull the safety pin and pull the trigger just like that.” Those bullets pierced through building wall.

               We were running away from something that we had no idea what it was but we knew that ‘something’ wanted to shoot us. At that moment, I saw the picturesque scenery of Ipoh had transformed to a battlefield. Anyway, I felt like I was playing the game ‘Battlefield’ but much more reality. Back to survival plan, we planned to run to the Ipoh City Council building for shelter and protection. The issue was how we wanted to get there with 5kg gun in our hand with Ipoh City Council was located 10 km away from us. We cracked our head to find a way to get there but just the right time, I remembered that I left my La Ferrari in one of the hotels nearby as I was supremely unconscious that night.

               I told Sudin the plan and we ran to the hotel. While on our way, we faced aliens with 5 heads and 25 eyes, aliens with no eyes and others. I couldn’t pull the trigger at the first place but still I pulled it for my survival. Sudin was doing great during the shooting scene, he killed 36 aliens with one magazine but I killed only 2 with one magazine. I got to admit it that Sudin was far away better than me in shooting even when we were in the military. Anyway, I killed 16 aliens with a dive knife that I got from him stabbing their hearts, cut off their head and others.

               Finally, we reached at the hotel and we got into my car. Both of us took a gasp for relief but our mission had not over yet. Next, our final destination would be Ipoh City Council building. I was the one on the wheel as I had trust issue to hand over my 6.8 million dollars car to someone else. The worst and sad moment in my life was when I had to crash into these aliens and the steel gate. Ah! I scratched that 1 million dollar paint but what I could do was just driving into the building compound. As Sudin and I predicted the citizens gathered there and it was such a huge chaos as no one was in charge of them. Again, Sudin and I were the ‘chief’ and ordered them to do this and that.

               We managed to build a new colony and took over the city back within a week. We got the help and support from local and foreign military. Back to Sudin, we were friends since we were 5 but we split up after we graduated from Royal Military College. I took mechanical engineering and worked for Nissan, while he went to the National Military Academy. I felt happy and delighted when we met even though in a battlefield. We kept in touch since that day onwards until now.

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