Tuesday, 19 September 2017

SnapCam by Nabilah Syamimi

                 First day of being sixteen at Beljar High School was great to Mary Elizabeth Zane. She did be friendly and gain new friends. Everyone was being excited due to new classes, teachers and classmates. Mary thought that year would be lit since she just got a new boyfriend named Reeve. He was the typical guy with hot body, sun-kissed skin colour with the messy hair that every girl would squirm over. Mary had everything she wanted. Furthermore, she just got herself a new phone and at that time there was a trendy app that everyone got themselves into it called SnapCam. That was where all things started to mess up.

               That night, Rennie who was Mary’s best friend held a crazy party where everyone was out of their mind, drinking alcohols and dancing on the dance floor grinded on each other where they forgot about which one their boyfriends were. After all these times, Rennie was actually spitting hate on Mary due to her jealousy towards Mary because Rennie was born without a father, problematic family where her mom was on drugs. The thirst of attention from Reeve was never granted. So, tonight she took the chance to ruin Zane’s life.

               “Get Richard with her on the dance floor,” Coco nodded and dragged Richard with her after hearing Rennie’s instruction. “Game over, Mary Elizabeth Zane!” Pictures were snapped.

               “Oh, my God! Look at her being cheap, that’s the real her!” Everyone was on the phone with SnapCam app appeared on the screen. Mary was exposed by an anonymous account showing that she was high and also stripping with Richard on the dance floor. Mary was actually drugged by Rennie that night. The headline stated, ‘This Is Me, Mary Elizabeth Zane, I Am A Whore!’ It was such harsh and by that time Mary came in expecting smiles from everyone. Instead, she got thrown with rubbish and even eggs out of nowhere by the students. She had no idea how she ended up on bed with Richard and he apologised. She intended to tell Reeve about it but that happened. So she ran away from humans.

               She was everywhere in the social media. She went viral and kept on getting notifications with people saying that she was cheap, ugly, disgusting, making girls look like sluts and others. Reeve received a lot of missed calls from Mary but he chose to ignore them. He texted her saying he wanted to meet her at the cliff they were used to going together. Mary tried to be positive that Reeve would trust her. But boy, everything was just wrong.

               “I swear to God, Reeve, I did not do anything,” Mary pleaded, sobbing, trying to reach for Reeve. Mary just noticed he had a bad temper so she got slapped at the rosy cheeks of hers. Reeve was ashamed of her and lastly they broke up.

               “I would not date cheap girls like you!” He left Mary alone on the cliff. There was only one thing left on her mind but not yet.

               After weeks, Mary not only had been ignored by the community and the neighbourhood of Beljar, she also got ignore by her own family. She thought her family would trust her but because of Zane’s reputation had been polluted by her, Liam Zane who was her father took everything she had. Mary Elizabeth Zane had been lifeless without eating, shower or talking. She decided to go out with the outfit she wore since the day she and Reeve broke up and came back to their favourite cliff. She was tearing her hair real hard while crying on the edge of the cliff and her cropped top that exposed her stomach. She accidentally tripped on the stone and had fallen from the cliff.

               “Someone had committed suicide at the cliff,” the police reported to the school. “Her name was Mary Elizabeth Zane.” The principal fainted.

               Everyone was crying with chills due to the ‘commit suicide’. They would never know the real story of it. Mary ended her life in such a miserable way that Reeve had been locking himself in the room, punching his bedroom wall with bleeding knuckles. Rennie had turned crazy and out of her mind when she was found out sitting at the corner of the room saying stuff like, “I did not kill her,” repeatedly and their family had moved out from Beljar. Lastly, the app SnapCam was shut down.

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