Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Psychopath by Dhamirah

            The taxi stopped in front of me. With no doubt, I entered the taxi. I actually got stuck at the side of the road because my car went kaput. Whatever it was, I just wanted to go home as it was already 9 p.m. The only hope was riding a taxi, driven by a guy named Sudin.

            “I am Sudin, the best taxi driver you’ve ever met and you?”

            “I’m Clara,” I faked a smile.

            AllI wanted was a good rest at home and not a boring conversation with a freak. I needed to wake up early for the next morning. This was so annoying. Sudin kept telling me about his family, his previous customers and all such things that I wasn’t even interested to hear. I only faked my smile and kept faking it.

            “Clara, I swear to God, you are very beautiful and I think I’m in love with you.”

            I ignored him until he said that he was in love with me. I knew this wasn’t real. “Very funny, Sudin. We don’t even know each other.”

            “What if I actually know you, Clara? Very well.”

            That creeped me out but I acted normal and thought that he was still feeling around. I rolled my eyes and looked outside the window. I was hiding my fright because this guy kept watching me through the mirror at the front part of the taxi. Why was the ride like 10 hours? I was sweating though the air-conditioner had never been turned off. Finally, I had arrived at my home. I left RM20 note on the seat and went out quickly without saying anything to Sudin.

            “See you soon, dear!” Sudin smirked.

            I was terrified because it was almost midnight. So I locked all the doors and windows in my house. At that moment, I already planned to run away from that town so that I would never ever meet that guy again. But of course, I would never do that.

            I rushed to the taxi stand in the next morning because I had to use the public transport to go to work. Unfortunately, the taxi that stopped in front of me was driven by Sudin, again! This time, I didn’t enter his taxi. He forced me to enter his taxi but I refused. I would wait for another taxi, as long as the driver was not Sudin. Unexpectedly, Sudin hit my head with a baseball bat, I thought and put me in his taxi. I was unconscious but when I opened my eyes I wasn’t at my office. Was this a kidnap case? I looked around and tried to look for my phone. I was very sure that Jeremy was waiting for me because I was supposed to join him in a meeting at the office. But all I saw was pictures of me scattering on the floor. That didn’t catch my attention. The only thing that caught my attention was a framed picture of me and a guy hanging on the wall. The guy was Sudin! I just couldn’t believe. This psychopath was haunting my life. I didn’t know what had happened and where I was and why Sudin brought me here. It was like a luxurious villa filled with silence until Sudin came out of nowhere.

            “Finally, you are here.”

            “What are you trying to do? I need to go to work.”

          “How could you reject me twice? Don’t you remember our memories together 10 years ago?”

            “What are you talking about? Let me go!”

        He grabbed me and dragged me into a room. I expected someone would fulfil his lust by dragging a girl into a room so I kicked his private part and ran. Sadly, he managed to catch me again. I had nowhere to escape because this time, he tied me on a bed. He approached me while holding a knife. That wasn’t a toy; one thing that I was very sure. Sudin tried to kill me, I thought. I was totally scared! He was a psychopath!

            “This is the consequence for rejecting me. Oh, you also have forgotten me! Then you deserve to die, Clara! Die!”

            I was extremely scared that I didn’t know how I took the knife from him and stabbed his forehead over and over again. His blood splattered on my face. I tried to escape from the villa. Then only I remembered who Sudin was. The guy who fell in love with me since 10 years ago and I guessed I should have accepted him at the first place. 

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