Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Great Experience by Airin Natasha Aliya

               The taxi stopped in front of me and I was shocked, nearly fainted and got conscious again.

               “Thank God I am still alive. How could you just simply stop in front of me?” The taxi driver asked me to get into the taxi quickly but I insisted not to get in. He stepped out of the taxi and carried me in from my position on the ground. How I was surprised that he did that. He drove with high speed until we reached at McDonalds.

               “I’m going to get some food so you stay here.” I waited until he got into the building and I rushed out of the car and took a bus. When I got into the bus, there was an empty seat beside of an old lady who looked quite scary as she covered her head and her face with a piece of batik cloth so I decided to stand up. Upon reaching a bus stop the old lady stood beside me which had made me shiver.

               “One has to die in order to live,” the old lady said and she went off the bus leaving me with curiosity plus goose bumps. On the road, I just kept thinking about the whole day.


               It started this morning when I was sleeping in the car until I woke up to the sounds of bullet shots. Everyone around was running as if a meteorite had hit Earth. Not long after that, I could hear sirens of an ambulance at the end of the road but it could not move as there was a massive traffic congestion up ahead. The cars were like honking at each other. I finally decided to step out of the car and head towards the scene.

               I was paralysed with astonishment to see a 17-18 years old teenage girl lying deadly form on the bare ground. Her clothes were soaked in blood and she had holes from the bullet shots on her shirt. I got worried as there had been many murder cases involving teenage girls lately. A little girl caught my eyes and I suddenly remembered that I was late to pick up Kiko from kindergarten.

               Upon arriving I saw an ambulance park in front of the gate. I quickly went in feeling worried again that something bad had happened. It was all dark and quiet. The place was in a mess. ‘THUMP!’ I got hit at the back of my head and I could feel the blood cascading. I tried to back away the pain and regain my energy when I heard voices calling for Mommy. I went out of the building and I was just close to get to the criminal but he got away with the ambulance.

               Out of the blue, a taxi came and I asked him to follow the ambulance. He drove as fast as possible but we lost the ambulance at a corner. “I think we should get to the hospital now as your injuries are bad.” I was about to answer but my eyes were already shut.

               I woke up realising that I was at the hospital. I decided to run away and I did but extremely the taxi driver stopped in front of me. It was then all of the drama happened and then I met the old lady and now here I was in this bus. I decided to get off the bus at the next bus stop to take a walk.

               I made my way to a lake and saw the reflection of the humongous disc dazzling on the water surface. “Ahh! What a night!” Suddenly, the taxi driver surprised me from behind.

               “You know this is just a small world. I’m Sudin and you?” He made me feel glad to see him at the moment. It looked like I had to make the report on the next day and hoped that Kiko was fine. The experience I had with Sudin when he helped me by bringing me to the hospital would be planted in my mind forever. 

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