Wednesday, 25 January 2012

:: Story by Noraina Nordin Edited by Madam Ainaa ::

   “Wake up my dear, you’re going to be late!” mum’s voice was extraordinarily loud that morning.

   “Hmm…it’s still early mum!” I responded lazily and pulled my red blanket covering my head.

   “It is eight o’clock now and you have to be at school by eight-thirty.” she yelled her lungs out.

   “What!” I shouted shockingly. Hurriedly, I jumped from my bed and rushed into the bathroom. After I had my 5-minute bath and dressed, I ran downstairs and without taking the usual breakfast I got into the car. Mum was babbling when I placed my butt on the car seat.

     Hello! My name was Anna Chance and I was ten. I had a pair of big round-grey eyes, fairly-round face and long curly hair.  I studied at Abbey Mount Junior School. Since I was the only child in this family, I was the apple of my dad’s eyes as he was the hero of my life. But we rarely spent our time together because as a pilot for Qatar Air, Dad was seldom at home. He flew everywhere. Mum was a chemist. Since Dad was preoccupied with his packed flight schedule, Mum made herself busy with her perfume invention and because of that she always scolded me. Sorry to say, I hate her!

      “Kringg…” The boring school session ended and I dragged my feet to the main gate. Surprisingly, l caught a view of Dad waiting for me.

            “Hey, dad. What a surprise!”

            “Hey, my little princess! Mind to join me for lunch?”

            “Sure! Where are we heading to?”

            “Our favourite place, Tom’s Cafe!”

       Dad acted unusual that day. He seemed not tired telling me everything about his work and his visit to many places around the globe. I listened to him attentively and nodded my head once a while agreeing on what he said.

            It was Saturday and my Spongebob alarm clock rang exactly at 9 in the morning. I loved Saturday as Saturday meant no school for me. After washing my face, I tramped downstairs as I was still sleepy. As I approached the living room, I could see Dad decorating it with balloons and ribbons. Mum was nowhere to be seen. I shifted my sight to the dining table and there was a heart-shaped moist chocolate cake. It was Mum’s birthday that day. I almost forgot about it as I considered Mum as unimportant person in my life. Dad smiled and called me to help him with the decoration.

            It was 4 p.m. Dad had gone out fetching Mum at her office. I got dressed quickly as Dad and Mum would be home anytime. I put on a blue silk knee-length mini dress that Dad bought for me in Paris. While waiting for them to be home, I switched on my notebook and read some articles on Penelope Cruz, my favourite actress. Out of the blue, I heard the car engine followed by chaotic voices of Dad and Mum. Mum raised her tone blaming Dad for something while Dad’s voice appeared to be wild defending himself. I was terrified as I never heard them argue. I tried to block those annoying voices by putting my both hands on my ears. Honestly, I hate Mum’s voice the most.

            Abruptly, the voices were gone. I felt calmer. I thought they had stopped arguing. I opened my room door and tiptoed downstairs. The house was silent, as silent as graveyard. Nobody was in the living room. I searched for them in their bedroom. They were not there too. As I was approaching the kitchen, I heard Dad’s voice enduring a great pain. As I entered the kitchen, horrifically, Mum was holding a blunt kitchen knife and Dad was lying lifelessly on the floor gasping for his last breath. Upon seeing me stupefied, Mum discarded the bloody knife and trying to hug me. I shoved her away and she was extremely in shock with my action.  

   “I hate you! How could you do this to Dad!”
   “It was not my fault!”

My head was spinning. I was blank as I realised my world became empty. There was nothing in front of me. I closed my eyes and hoped it was just a dream.  As I opened, nothing changed. I closed my eyes again and suddenly I could hear the river flow. I could hear the cricket sing. I felt calmer. As I opened my eyelids, I found myself standing in the middle of wide green field. The birds were chirping the sweetest melody I ever heard. I did not know where I was. Suddenly, Dad was seen waving me goodbye.

                “Take care of yourself,” I could notice his lips moving uttering those words.

            “Don’t leave me, Dad!” Dad disappeared leaving me aghast. My world went blank again and I passed out.

            I was in comma for two weeks and Granny was loyal waiting for me to wake up. Granny was in great gratefulness. I was told by Granny the whole story of Mum and Dad. Mum was sentenced to prison for 30 years for unintentional murder and Dad was safe cremated last week. Granny also told me about Dad’s scandal with one of the flight attendants and that news brought pandemonium on that tragic day. I was perplexed and speechless. Pity Mum. I should not have blamed her hundred percent. 

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