Thursday, 15 September 2011

Obsessive Me!

                Obsessive. It was the best word to illustrate me.  I just could not get myself away from him. He was too attractive. I forced myself to tail him everywhere. He knew it yet he just let me. Sometimes, he even smiled at me and I was already on top of the world. What a powerful man he was! I did not dare to get closer as I realised that I was not that nice looking creation of Him. I just could only lay my eyes upon him, observing him from head to toes, examining his actions, and studying his movements.

                “You are not tired, aren’t you?” He queried me one day.

                I responded it with a warm smile. He grinned and walked away. I made my move too, following him. We arrived at his vintage mansion. He went inside. I stayed outside. I waited for him all night long and continued tailing him to school the next morning. It became my routine. A routine without a schedule. I followed him to the class. I followed him to the school canteen. I even followed him to the basketball court.

                “You can’t be here!” His History teacher sounded so furious when she noticed I was in his class that morning.

                Realising I was not invited in the class and made Mrs. Grant uncomfortable, I exited the class. I sighed. I waited for him at the classroom’s door. Suddenly, the bell rang. I was relieved as I was saved by the bell or else I had to be there for an hour. The kids went out from the class and I saw him there talking with a female friend. Unexpectedly, jealousy filled me in all of sudden. I just could glare at them. I did not own that courage to get nearer or interrupt their conversation. When he finished talking with that girl, he made a move. I could perceive that he was going home. Swiftly, I dashed to him.

                “Hey, you!” He seemed surprised to see me again.

                As usual, I carved a smile. We walked home together. He shared everything happened at school. He even told me about that girl. I just could nod my head as I was not sure what to say. We arrived at his mansion and as usual, I stayed outside, he went inside. I did not mind about that as I had built my own shelter next to his gigantic mansion. I slept there that night. I slept there every night. That was my home sweet home. That night, I could not even shut my eyes. I was busy thinking about him and that girl. It hurt me tremendously. I was considering of approaching him more. This time, I would tail him even closer, into his house. Yes, I would go inside his house even though he did not permit me to do so. After that, I fell soundly asleep anticipating the plan would work well.

                I was awakened that morning by the chirping birds on the trees next to my home sweet home. I rubbed my eyes and washed my face. I glanced at the sky predicting the time and I guessed it was around 730. As I was about to step out from my modest shelter, I caught sight of him leaving his mansion. Swiftly, I rushed to him beaming and greeted him a very good morning. He greeted me back and continued walking to school. Weird, he did not smile to me. He kept quiet along the journey to the school. I was keeping myself quiet too as I knew something was wrong with him as I could predict it by looking at his distressing face. We finally reached the school. He just entered the class ignoring me. I did not have the guts to go into the class as I knew Mrs. Grant would not be pleased seeing me in the class. I just stayed outside and waited for him. I was wondering what happened to my boy this morning.

                The bell rang. I was very eager to see him. I wanted to question him everything. I wanted to comfort him. Then, there I saw him chatting gleefully with that girl. Upon seeing him that way, I was very irate yet I did not have the courage to advance. He noticed me being there but he pretended as if I were just the Statue of Liberty. He did not take any glance at me. I was very depressed because that manner of him was greatly unacceptable. I went out from the school building. I waited for him at the school’s gate. I needed fresh air to calm me down.

                The bell rang again. I waited patiently at the school’s gate. Out of the blue, I saw him dragging his feet out of the building. I trailed behind him. He turned to me yet he did not say anything. He kept going until we reached his house. I was determined. By hook or by crook, I would enter his mansion today. He opened the door of his mansion. I hurried into the house. He was quite shocked with my act.

                “Get out of here!” He ordered and I could see his index finger pointing to the door.

                I stayed still.

                “I said, out of my house!” This time, he sounded ruthless.

                I still did not move an inch. Upon seeing me that way, he raised his right hand trying to smack me. I was terrified by his action.

                “You irritate me. You annoy me. Stop following me. I am sick of it!” He gave me a piercing look.

                I surrendered. He was not the person that I knew before. Obviously, he hated me. I unwillingly forced myself to get out from his mansion.

                “Don’t ever come here again!” He warned me for the last time before he banged the door.

                I just meowed and made my way to a new place which my feet would bring me to. 

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