Friday, 27 January 2012

:: Story by Zafry Edited by Madam Ainaa ::

It was a long drive through the rain but we finally arrived at the house a little past midnight. It was a full moon and the clouds started to thin out, I had never seen the house before until now, it was so strange to me, it looked like it had a face and its two huge windows for the eyes staring back at me. It chilled me out.I had gotten the feeling that it didn’t want me to be there either. Mum was oblivious to the situation,

“Wow doesn’t it look stunning at night and we will be safe if we stay here” she said while observing the house compound.

She grabbed me inside the house. It looked like it was going to rain again. Mum told me to keep silent in this creepy house.

My mum went inside first, she tried to switch on the light but there was no electricity in the house.

“Mum let’s go to the nearest hotel or something”.

“Don’t worry we will light up the candles “.

She took out the red candles in her sling bag and lighted it up in the living room. We gathered around the fireplace and lit a small fire to every corner in the living room. I was counting the stones on the floor to fall asleep. Mum fell asleep fairly quickly beside me. ‘9’ the last stone on the floor I counted. Tap! Tap! Tap! I saw three stones suddenly appeared beside Mum.

My naked eyes wondered around the room, darting across each corner. There! I heard something, it played over and over in my head so I could try and figure it out. It sounded like someone was throwing the stones towards the living room. My eyes were pointing to a group of shadow walking down the stairs. There! My deep voice shouted but I didn’t want to make a noise. It stopped, I quietly rolled over and woke up Mum.

“Mum, someone is in the house, wake up,” I whispered and shook her body hard.

She didn’t move, this time I started to shake her even harder hoping she would wake up from her deepest dream.

“Mum, wake up and don’t fool me”.

I rolled her over and I cried, there was blood oozing out of her mouth and her eyes and nose.

I cloaked Mum with her soft blanket and I crawled to the other end of the room. The footsteps! They were searching for me. I was in terror and I tried to hide behind a small leather coach suitable for my size. I held my breath deeper than normal. Ghost could not smell you if you held your breath. I learned this from the Chinese ghost movie that I used to watch when I was a kid. I hope they would not hear me breathing. I pushed myself forward putting my head to the ground thinking how could did this happen in the reality life.

“I hope all of this is just a nightmare”.

I slapped my chubby cheeks and hit my head on the ground just to make sure I was not dreaming. God, it was so painful! I didn’t realise but I made a terrible sound that would kill myself.

Out of the blue, a bloody hand grabbed me by the hair and tossed me badly across the floor. It felt awful and I broke one of my fingers.

“Please don’t hurt me anymore!”

I was crying heavily. All I could see was a small lovely kid with devil eyes holding a sharp shiny knife on the other hand. The kid was rising up the knife towards the sky and pointing to my chest. I flipped my body and defended myself from getting hit. It was my opportunity to escape from the little devil. I dashed to the main door bravely but the little devil did not try to catch me. I wondered why.

Once I was out from the haunted house, I could see many of the same kids were playing with a knife on their hand. My breathing attracted them. So I started running, faster and faster up and down many streets and alleys. They were still chasing me and holding a knife by their own and I went down the alley that had a bend. I ran around the bend and hoped there would some place that was safe but it was a dead end.  Oh God! Please save me.

Arkansas City, Nov 23 - A body of a small boy was found near Pink Lady Street this morning. The body which the identity is unknown was stabbed almost 666 times by a sharp knife. Meanwhile, a woman aged 30 was also found dead in a mansion nearby. The cause of death of the woman is still under investigation.

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