Saturday, 10 September 2011

First Love!

             Looking straight to my reflection in her glasses made me wonder if she noticed what I was feeling that time. Being alone with her was a chance once in a lifetime. I kept gazing at her eyes hiding behind those glasses and hoped she perceived my action of staring at her that way.

                    “Yes, Mickey?” she spoke at last.

           “Nothing, Miss Graham. Just admiring your beautiful glasses,” I lied hiding my nervousness.

                “If you are done, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” she smiled and started packing her things. Her dainty fingers moved so fast arranging the books and papers in front of her. I could not stop staring at her and I knew she was not that comfortable.

                “I’m off now. You should too. Lucy must be waiting for you,” she said and made a move towards the door leaving me alone at her desk. I packed my things and walked reluctantly to the door.  She looked at me and said goodbye. She locked the door and rushed to her car which was just outside the building. I dragged my feet heavily to the school’s gate making my way home. While I was walking, I kept thinking about her. Was this the feeling of love? I would not know as I had never been in love before. Even though my house was just a few blocks away, it seemed like I had been walking for 100 miles!

                “Lucy, I’m home!” I called out.

                “I’m in the kitchen,” she replied, half shouting.

                Lucy was my guardian since my parents died five years ago. Staying with five other children who were not hers made her fully occupied all the time.

                “Detention class again, huh?”  She said as I put my bag down. I grabbed a tuna sandwich and put it in my mouth instantly. After finished munching and swallowing it, I took another one ignoring that I still had another 5 so-called siblings who had not taken their dinner yet.

                “Hey, spare for others, won’t you?” she warned me as I was about to take another one. I just raised my shoulders and climbed upstairs to my room. I undressed my clothes and put my favourite pyjama on. Lazily, I hopped on my bed. I stared the ceiling visualising what Miss Graham was doing at this time. Perhaps, she was taking her shower or perhaps she was having her dinner. I sighed. I sighed when I knew that I had to wait for another 11 hours to meet her tomorrow. I shut my eyes trying to get some sleep when I heard somebody was knocking on the door.

                “It’s not locked!” I shouted.

                “Hey, Mickey. Mind if I come in?” Lucy was standing at the door waiting for my permission to enter my territory.

                “Sure.” I replied, got up from the bed and sat on the office chair near my computer desk. She took a seat at the edge of my single bed, adjusting her butt so that she would feel comfortable enough to start the conversation.

                “Have you thought about it? I can’t afford to pay everything. I’m a single mum with six kids, remember?” she broke the silence.

                I just nodded and told her that Uncle Sam agreed to let me help him at his cafe. She grinned and kissed me good night before closing the door of my room. I put my head back on the pillow and dozed off hoping to meet Miss Graham in my dream.

                It was 7 in the morning when I woke up. I jumped from the bed, grabbed my Ferrari towel and dashed to the bathroom. I shampooed, soaped and brushed my teeth quickly. I looked at the mirror to make sure I was looking nice, ready to meet queen of my heart, Miss Graham. I went downstairs quickly, wished good morning to Lucy and my so-called siblings, rushed to the door and headed to school. I sprinted all the way and when I arrived, it was almost 10 minutes to 8. I went straight to my class and took my seat next to Damian, the weird guy in class. He smiled to me and I returned a smile too. I sat patiently waiting for her to enter the class. A minute or two after that, I could see her coming into the class. She was indeed a beauty. She wore pink laced skirt with a charcoal black top and a string of pearl necklace. It was simple but sweet. She greeted every one of us and started teaching passionately. I was looking at her, studying her from head to toe as if I was giving my full attention to her. The reality was I was admiring her from head to toe.

                “Mickey! Solve this equation, please!” Miss Graham’s voice brought me back to the reality.

                “I’m sorry, Miss Graham. I don’t know how,” I replied feeling embarrassed.

                “Stay after school!”she ordered looking at me straight into my deep blue eyes. I nodded weakly and sat down. Truthfully, deep down my heart I was elated as I got another chance to be with her alone again. I was thinking of confessing everything to her after school. I crossed my fingers wishing that she would feel what I felt. When I was about to concentrate on her teaching, the bell rang. I stood up to make a move to the school cafeteria when suddenly I captured a familiar voice instructing me to stay.

                “I want to talk to you,” she sounded so firm after all my classmates left the class. I stood in front of her dumbly waiting for her to proceed.

                “I guess you have something to explain,” she stopped. Perhaps, she was waiting for me to tell her everything.

                “I’m sorry, Miss Graham. I just can’t concentrate on the lesson,” I started feeling agitated.

                “But, why? You are a good student. You should not behave like this. If you can’t help yourself, don’t expect me to help you,” she spilled out everything. I raised my head and eyed her deeply. She desired the truth from me. Fine, I granted her wish.

                “I love you, Miss Graham. I really love you.” I braved myself saying those magic words.

                “I love you too, Mickey. You are my best student…”

                “No, Miss Graham! I am in love with you; deeply. I can’t think straight even a second if I am with you. Seriously.” I sighed in relief after confessing my love to her. She stared at me in disbelief. Her mouth was half open. She was aghast of what I had said earlier.

                “Mickey! Are you insane? You can’t fall in love with me.”

                “But, why? I’m single and so you are. There’s nothing wrong with it.” I pleaded.

                “I’m out of here,” she stood up from her chair, packed her things and was ready to leave me blankly here. As she was about to get out from the door, she turned to me, stared deeply in my eyes and said:

                “You’re 10, Mickey and I’m 40. It’s insane!” Then, she stepped out of the class leaving me stupefied. I was speechless.


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