Monday, 4 November 2013

Red by Aishah Shahidi

     "Red," said Nicol to Anna. Anna rose her eyebrows.
     "Since when you love red?" Anna questioned while looking at the brochure, containing many optional dresses.

     "Since now. Just a few minutes ago." Nicol laughed while shaking her head. Anna's eyebrows started to knit together. 
      "What's wrong with her best friend?" She questioned herself.

     "Anna, I think I have found a perfect father for my children," Nicol told in a joking tone.

     "Nicol! What are you trying to say? Just be straight forward." Anna said. She had no time to play games with Nicol. Just look at her table. Books, papers and brochures were scattered everywhere. She needed to finish her assignment by tomorrow.

     "Don't be so serious, babe. You look ugly with that long face. Okay, I want to show you the most attractive guy I have ever met in my whole life."

     Nicol pointed her finger towards a corner near her. Anna's eyes quickly looked at the corner. There was a young, handsome man wearing red shirt sitting at the corner. He seemed weird, Anna thought.

     "Nicol, that guy is so not my type. He looks weird too," Anna said.

     Nicol shook her head, "I don't care. Whatever!"


     "Mama, mama," a soft, slow voice called her. Anna opened her eyes. She automatically pushed herself away from the figure. Whoa! What was happening?! She just woke up from a nap and found out that the red shirt guy was standing beside her and calling her MAMA?

     "Who's Mama? I am NOT your mom!" She almost screamed out. But she still tried to control her voice, trying not to make any disturbance in the library.

     "Mama, mama!" The guy kept calling her, as if Anna Kendrick was really his mom!

     "Hold on, Mister. You must be gotten the wrong person." Anna said. She quickly stood up and kept all of her stationary, papers, books and assignments in her bag. She must leave this place before the guy had gone mad. He was really mad right now! 

     "What's all this? A prank? Today is not April Fool day!" Anna babbled to herself.

     "No, Anna. I know you. You are my mom!" The guy did not give up. Anna looked at the guy.

     "Listen, young man, I have nothing to do with you and I am not even interested to know you. Please stop. You are making fun of me!" Anna's voice turned hard. She quickened her steps, leaving the guy alone.

     "Anna, where are you going? We haven't finished yet." It was Nicol. Anna turned her head.

     "I am leaving. I am not feeling well."


     It had been three weeks and these past three weeks were surely very ridiculous, weird and annoying weeks that Anna Kendrick ever faced. Starting from the incident at the library, she had no idea why she always met the guy accidentally. Anna tried to avoid herself from meeting that guy. But, the thing would never happen. And what had made Anna feel upside down was the same thing happened again! She hated when they guy, Rory called her Mama! Couldn't he see that Anna Kendrick was too young, pretty and beautiful to be a mom?

     "You look different Anna. You seem in a big problem. Are you okay?" asked Nicol. Anna shook her head, trying to hide the problem she faced.

     "I am all right. Too much work to think, I guess."

     "Oh, okay. Don't stress out too much."

     Anna released a deep sigh. She was thinking about the dream. Okay, not just a dream. But the same dream that she had for the third time. She met her grandma. Her late grandma who had passed away eight years ago. It was fun to meet her late grandma again even though just in dreams. But her grandma's words turned the fun down. Her grandma told her that Rory was really her boy, Anna Kendrick's son! She needed to take a very good care of Rory because Rory had no time to spend his life with Anna. Anna Kendrick would die when Rory reached five and Rory had been given a chance to meet his mom in the young version for two months. Anna tried to forget the dreams. 

     "I think about this too much," she shook her head.


     "Quick Anna, quick!" Anna motivated herself to quicken her steps. She was late for her class!


     Anna had hit someone. Books and papers were scattered on the floor.

     "Oh, I am sorry!" She quickly bent down to collect her things. Suddenly, she found a picture. Her eyes almost bulged out. 'This is not an ordinary picture.' She thought.

     The picture was not so clear yet, she could still recognise every single face in the picture. A man, a woman and a young boy. A family.

     "Oh, wait! Don't tell me that the woman in this picture is ....."

     "Yes Anna. It's you. I am Rory. Your son." Rory carved a thin smile. He slowly held Anna's arm and helped her stand.

     So, it was true. The dreams, the grandma's words were true, it was reality. She knew when she would die. She knew her future. She had men her own son from the future. She started to cry.


     "One day, I want to be an astronaut. I want to go to the stars and pick the prettiest one for you!"

    "Rory, my darling. You can't go to the stars. They are too hot. You'll melt like a melted ice-cream."

    Anna laughed. She nipped Rory's cheek. Rory smiled. It was a very perfect night. Stars were scattering everywhere in the dark sky. The moon shone brightly, making the night beautiful. The sounds of the wind competed the harmony rhythm. Anna did not want to let this moment away. She wanted to pause the time and lie on the grass with Rory forever. She wanted to pamper Rory with all her heart. She wanted to love Rory as much as she could. 

     But that would never happen. Tonight was the last night for Rory and Anna Kendrick to spend their priceless moment together. 

     "Yes, darling?"
     "I love you."
     Tears fell down. "I know, I love you too."


     "Anna! Anna! Wake up. The library is about to close," Nicol was standing beside her, holding her shoulder. Anna quickly looked at her watch. She slept for almost an hour. She quickly kept all of her belongings in her bag and the two girls were making a step out from the library.


     Anna had hit someone!

     "Hey, watch your step, woman!" The man was about to get mad. Anna's eyes almost bulged out, she had seen this man. Yes, he was the man, the man who stood next to her in the picture. He was Rory's father!