Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Survive by Azim Tarmizi

     I could not sleep throughout the nigh. Holding my guns while my eyes checking each part of the room. Being cautious and beware of them. Bang! I heard the door smash into pieces. Their red eyes could be seen clearly in this pitch black room. Calmly I took out my guns and katana, a long, very sharp, hard and slightly curved sword, from its sleeve when they were all rushing towards me with a really bad intention. Fresh stained blood was all over my body when I started focusing on killing them all, one by one. Using every part of my body, kicking and punching with all my strength. The fight lasted for quite long. While holding back my katana, I climbed up the stairs to get into my plane. Safer than here, I guess. I took off in the morning when the sky could clearly be seen.

     My name was Aiden. I had survived for 3 months full of suffering and adventure. The earth was infected by a virus called U3X. This virus could cause human beings turn mad with incredible strength. But, when this virus was combined with my DNA, I could control the desire to eat the human flesh and I had the strength to handle it. I reached California after 3 days in flight without food and drinks. I had not found any survivor like me in this 3 months. I walked out of the building where I parked my plane, walking alone along the streets. Nothing else, only me. Suddenly my stomach was churning. I continued walking and my eyes caught a view of a hyper supermarket. It could be dangerous, but I had to regain my strength. I slowly opened the door, and the light automatically switched on. The supermarket unluckily was full of groaning sounds, it was them. Holding tightly to my katana, I dashed to them in lightning speed. All of them came out of nowhere rushing towards the supermarket. I was trapped in the building. I had no other choice except to fight for my life. I drew out my Maverick-16 rifle and started bursting the bullets until the gun sounded 'Click'!     
     "Damn it! I hate when this happens."

     The rifle ran out of bullets. With only using my katana, I started slashing them into pieces, using every part of the katana to defend my life. Unfortunately, they managed to surround me, in the blink of an eye, their black old sticky blood was spat on my face.  Bang-bang! There was gunfire! All of them died by all those deadly bullet shots. I fell on my knees and almost to the ground when one of them quickly supported my body, dragging me out from all those corpses. 

     "Thank God," I wiped the blood out of my face.

   "How can you defend yourself alone with all those walking corpses? They are strong, stronger than any of us here," explained the blond-haired guy.

     "I am different." Smiling towards them while trying to get up on my feet.

     They brought me to their hideout to treat my wounds and recover my strength back. A tall woman with blond hair wearing black t-shirt and perfect cut jeans suddenly put a needle to my arm.

     "Ouch! What is that for?" asked me in pain.

   "Do not worry. It is just a dose for energy recovery. You will recover in a few minutes," she calmly assured me.

     The door was opened and an old hunk man was standing before us with a smile.

     "How is he?" The old man questioned the blond-haired woman.

     "He is fine," she answered.

     "You can go now," the old man instructed the woman to step out of the room.

     The lady nodded and walked through the steel door.

     "Long time no see, Aiden. It has been three years, I guess," said him happily.

     "Huh? I don't know you. Who are you and how do you know my name?" I was wondering.

     The old man laughed.

    "I am your grandpa, you fool. Where have you been all this time? I was hoping you could not be alive but now I am glad that I finally meet my grandson after a long time searching for our family," he explained while having me in my arms.

     "Really? Where are all our family members? Are they..." 

     An explosive sound stopped from finishing my words. My grandfather ran towards the main entrance and saw two colossal creatures holding huge axes on their back looking fiercely towards us. My grandfather jumped down and faced them bravely. 

    "I can't see him fighting alone!"

     I jumped and landed beside him. Drawing out my katana while he was just using his bare hands. Those two took out their axes and tried to cut us into two but I managed to stop one of the axes, while another one was held by Grandpa. I got curious. Did he have the same power like me? I asked myself. He jumped into the air and kicked one of them at the head causing it to knock out. There was one left still trying to finish me with the axe. Sparks came out when my katana met the axe. Both weapons bounced back when they hit each other. Grandpa took this chance to lock the creature's movements, pulling the head to the ground. With lightning speed I stabbed the creature at the head. Black blood was coming out of it, when I noticed the other one was gone.

     "Aiden, move aside!" Grandpa pushed me to the wall and replaced my place.

     "No!" Drawing out my katana, I got it around the creature's neck and slayed it causing the head to fall from the body.

     I quickly helped my grandfather who was seriously injured. My tears dropped on my cheeks. 

     "Aiden," he uttered weakly.

    "I want you to lead the group. Survive until the end of the world."

     "But..." he died in my arms before I could finish my words. All the comrades went to the place and were shocked to see their leader dead.

    "Who is going to lead us? We can't survive like this. There are more outside! Without him..."

     "Shut up!" I screamed out loud.

    "He asked me to replace him. I am his grandson. So, it is my duty to keep this group surviving. Maybe the last human beings in the world. He has done his job, putting his life on the line and it will go the same for me too. Who will be with me?" Hoping them to trust me. Suddenly one by one of them rose their right hand up as a signal of trust.

     "Thanks guys. Okay, let's get going. We need to survive and find a new hiding place," the first instruction was made after I became the leader officially.

     So, we moved together to ensure the human kinds still survived in this awful world. The world would be back to normal. I did hope. The survival had just started. This was not the doom's day, when I was still standing.

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