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Secrets by Amir Aiman

Secrets by Amir Aiman

     Secrets. Talking about them makes my body shiver. Secrets. They sound creepy and also scary.My family has secrets. It is originally dated more than a thousand years back. My family has a big family tree. My family is rich and big. I am an American but I have a distant relative in China, Japan, Taiwan and also Australia. My family is scattered all over the world. All of us know this one thing, one secret. Secret of the mankind. We are isolated. We can't go to school. We can't socialise. It is all for the sake of keeping this one secret. We can only talk to people of our own blood. It is boring. That is why I don't talk much and my eyes are always glued to books. Back to the secret, do you want to know what it is about?

    Yes. It's about the civilisation of the human race. My ancestors are aliens. Don't freak out. Please, I am normal. I am not an alien. My ancestors are. I don't even know them. I don't even know how to read their names in the genealogy. I can't recognise the letters their names are made of. I never ask about this to my parents or others, the letters make me scared. It's intimidating. The letters. I don't know why. The aliens, my ancestors evolve. It takes them many many years to undergo this evolution. They are originally from the parallel universe. In their universe, there is this planet called Tatooine. It looks just like the Earth but it's full of aliens and their development is far too advance from the Earth today. It starts when my ancestors were travelling to other universes to find a place to invade and they saw the Earth, the look-alike to Tatooine. There were already humans on the Earth. Uncivilised humans. On the way to Earth, their super fast rocket hit a very big meteor before passing Mars. On the effect of inertia, their rocket did not fall on Mars but instead it fell  on the Earth.

     Yes, they fell on Earth and the effect of that, the land of the Earth separated into continents. They found the uncivilised humans. Their memory was a bit affected from the fall. They did not remember anything about Tatooine but they remembered the technology. They taught the uncivilised humans and by time, they evolved and evolved. Oh, I forgot, my ancestors looked like Darth Vader, the character in Star Wars movie created by George Lucas and he is my father's uncle's cousin. They explored the Earth together with the uncivilised humans and also taught them time to time. When my ancestors thought that  had taught the humans enough, they left the humans in one place for them to use the knowledge taught by them. That's why you learn about civilisation in different places of the world in history classes. But, it's the boring version. I'm lucky I don't have to go to school and learn all those boring stuff. I am home-schooled. My parents teach me everything. And everything traces back to my ancestors and my family.

     When they finally evolved, they  married the humans on different places. That is why my family is scattered all around the globe. Yes, their final evolution. They look like humans. Completely like humans. They are all very civilised now and their technology is also very advance. They live in happy community just like in the movies. But one day, a big rocket came. It was so big until the Earth was full of darkness. Darkness all over. The rocket was from Tatooine. The imperial leader, Anakin Skywalker, the Darth Vader had come to find my ancestors. That was all he wanted. Revenge. He thought that my ancestors had betrayed him and Tatooine. He was wrong but he didn't know. He could not even find my ancestors as they were evolved in the shape of human. With anger, he destroyed almost everything. The civilisation, the humans, my ancestors. But some survived. Most of my ancestors survived, but this time, they totally forgot everything, they only knew how to reproduce. They forgot who they were. And their sons discovered the ruins and tried to restore some manuscripts. But all of that only helped a little. So little. They only managed to rebuild some things. Their technology was no longer advance as they used to be. But they did not give up. They tried harder and they succeeded. Their success was not a match to the old times. That is why we are not so advance and we can only see ruins of civilisations and only some landmarks like the pyramids. They used to be more.

     After hundreds of years, the imperial leader came back searching for my ancestors. But when the leader came to the Earth, he saw something was different. It was not like what he saw ages ago. It seemed more backward but there was hard work. He knew he destroyed it all ages ago. But he couldn't believe his eyes that the humans were very productive and it was a good thing that they started everything all over. He did not  care about my ancestors any more. He changed his mind. He went back to Tatooine and never came back. But he sent his drones some times to check on us. The UFOs, the aliens, it's all from Tatooine. They were the leader's drones.

     This is my family's secret. I am not supposed to tell you this but I have to tell you. It is the time. But remember, don't tell anybody about it. It is just between us. We will tell this to our children someday. And they will tell it to their children and it goes on. I take this great risk to have a girlfriend outside the big family. I want to say I love you, Leia. I really love you. Can I ask you a question?
     "Will you marry me?"

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