Wednesday, 29 August 2012

:: Story by Dent Edited by Madam Ainaa ::

The world is cruel. The world is unfair. Those with wealth and power possess the globe. Then, they trample on others’ back and do whatever they want to do. This happens in my world. When I was young, my parents were killed in fire catastrophe in our apartment building. All I could bear in mind was a mysterious man saved me that night when I fainted. He trained me well with his fighting skill and raised me to be an assassin. One day, I was offered to work with a secret agency. What I could say, they paid me more. Highest bidders won. So, I served them. I left the old man to pursue new career. When I was 25, titanium was injected into my body. They took out my soul and I became a cold and merciless killer with no sense of humanity in my heart. Human with a devil soul. That was me. It was proven by all the successful tasks that I had accomplished throughout my career. 
    It was a cold and windy night. I was at my private room polishing my guns and cleaning up my stuff. As usual, it took half an hour to revise the plan. I was already ready for the task tonight. Before leaving, I took my suitcase and red cigarette box on the dining table in the kitchen. My red sport car rayed its front light. I started the engine and let the Audi R8 warm. 5 minutes of waiting and the car was ready to be on the road. It was already 3 o’clock in the morning. I drove the car fast and steady on the road as the road was free. I was given 10 minutes to accomplish completely the assignment. After 30 minutes of driving, finally I reached at The Mirage, a well-known night club in California. The car was parked safely behind a store opposite to the club.
           That night job flowed just like what I had planned. I left him with his wine glass full of blood and two shots right on his forehead and his neck. The differences between last night and the other nights were only the venue and the condition. I worked alone that night. Usually, when I squeezed the trigger of my pistol, the people around would scream on top of their lungs and chaos would fill the atmosphere just like when a cat lost its kitten. But last night was different. Perhaps the speakers at the club were too loud and most of the clubbers were too drunk to realise and notice what was happening around them. It eased my job. The man I killed begged for my mercy. He was on his knees pleading me to spare his life. I ignored him as if he was just dirt that I had to get rid off. They had already warned him. Yet, he did not listen. I was programmed to kill those people who hardly to pay back what they had done. They must get what they deserved to get.

            I was caught red-handed that night. I was not able to flee. I was brought to the police station and the truth was exposed as the man that I took his life was actually the son of a police commissioner. I was tortured, I was abused. Mentally and physically. I was stuck in jail for a week until the Big Boss came to bail me out. I was fortunate, really fortunate because if Big Boss did not show up, definitely I would be hung to death.
            Until one morning I woke up with an envelope and a red rose on my bed next to my pillow. I was totally shaken when I tore the envelope to disclose the content. It was a picture. A picture of Big Boss. My next assignment would be to destroy the Big Boss. I was in dilemma. I took the whole day to consider it as the payment was extremely handsome. Thinking I could quit after that, I accepted the offer. I thought the killing would be effortless as I was trusted by Big Boss but I was wrong. Instead of killing Big Boss, I was killed by his men. I was shot on the head, in the middle of my eyebrows. I fell to the ground regretting how brainless I was as at last I apprehended that the assignment was actually a trap of Big Boss to get rid of me because I failed in the previous assignment. It is true what people say. Do not play with fire if you do not want to get burned. Yet, I was stubborn. I played with fire and I got burned to death!

Danial, 505


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