Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Evil Me by Kamal Aiman

               Sitting in a corner of the room, I was speechless. I couldn’t tell how I feel that time. I felt guilty and I felt regretful of what I had done to her. It was not her fault, it was mine, and it was all mine. I should have taken all the blame.


               It was Monday morning as I walked to school. Everything was normal, same things happened. I went out of my house at 7 o’clock in the morning, I walked to school passing by Mr. and Mrs. Stone’s house saying Hi to them. Everything was the same, including my cup of Starbucks coffee that I bought when I was on my way to school.

               Boston was quite chilly. It was already autumn. I could see the grass and the trees, all those green leaves started to become yellowish brown in colour. I was always excited when autumn came. For me, Boston had the best view when it came to autumn. I wished Boston would have autumn throughout the year!


               KRRIIINNNGGG! The school bell rang. Everyone in the main hall was rushing to get their books and things for class. It was the first period and it was Physics! I could not tell how much I loved Physics. It was my last year in high school and I took AP in Physics as I wished to further my studies in Physics.

               When I entered the class, there was something I had never expected to see, not even wished to see. It was a girl sitting at my place. I was just all fine as I thought she had taken the wrong seat, until when the teacher came into the room and said, “Oh, so you’re the new student from New York City.”

               Everyone was shocked to hear that and started paying attention to her. I guessed no one even noticed she was already there for the past 10 minutes. I had to switch my seat as she would be using my seat for the class, but I was alright as I would take it back in the next class as NO ONE COULD EVER TAKE MY SEAT!

               Everyone in the class was curious about her. Yes, everyone. That included me. She was Catherine. She was from New York City. Okay, obviously she was. Her previous school was Rhode Island High School. Oh well, she was from the Rhode Island; so she couldn’t brag as if she was from somewhere around Bronx or Manhattan. She moved here in Boston as her father had been transferred to the new office here in Boston. At first, I was okay to her and I thought that she might be my friend, until when my teacher asked her previous result and she had a result with flying colours! Everyone was shocked to know that and I started feeling that I had a new challenger as I was the student who always got the highest mark in Physics.


               Tuesday wasn’t great for me and I knew that the remaining days throughout the week wouldn’t be great too. It was unfair! She would sit at my place for the whole semester when everyone wanted her to sit at my previous place. She performed in every Physics class and she answered all the questions from the teacher, even the questions that I could not answer. Now everyone started to pay attention to her, started to learn Physics and made study group with her. I started to feel that I was all left out especially in the Physics classes until I got an idea how to make things got better.

               The evil in me started to grow from the inside. I couldn’t tell how much efforts I gave in planning this evil-work thingy. I stayed awake at midnight just to make the best prank for her.

               “Well now she’ll know who Sarah really is,” I said to myself while looking at the paper that had full of planning on how to prank her.

               She had made a real big mistake. She shouldn’t have ever even tried to mess with Sarah, or I would say, to me!

               I found her Twitter account and I suddenly got a brilliant idea. Well, she only had a few number of followers and mostly were our school friends. Well, perhaps she had done a big mistake back in Rhode Island High School and that was why she deleted her Twitter account and made a new one. She was trying to hide the real her and she made a new Twitter account so that her new friends who were my classmates wouldn’t know her past.

               Well, I started to feel proud of myself. I thought that I should become a plot writer or a movie director instead of Physicist.

               “Catherine was a diva in her school. Everyone loved her. She had everything, from the beauty to the intelligence. She involved in many clubs at her previous school, William Shakespeare Drama Club, Wind Orchestra Club and Physics Club. Everyone adored her except for this one guy named James. Catherine liked James so bad and planned to make a surprise birthday party for James back in Rhode Island High School. She was so happy to surprise James until when James got to know that Catherine was the one who planned for the surprise and James refused to go to the party. Pity little Catherine. She was rejected by a guy when other guys were really into her.

               The best part was, everyone in Rhode Island High School started to hate and leave her. Her best friends even left her as they were embarrassed of her, to them, Catherine was really dropping their ‘reputation of popularity’. Catherine was a loner and had no real friends. She was so stressed with her life and asked her Dad to move out of the city. She tried to find a new life here in Boston and tried her best to get her popularity back. THE END.”

               Well, that was the best plot I had ever written in my whole life. She must be really shocked when reading this. Although not everything in the story was true, yet the rejecting part and the party and stuff were true story. I spread the story on my Twitter account, with some EPISODES, as Twitter had gotten limited number of alphabets for every post.

               Everyone was shocked to read and I knew it was a success when everyone believed in my story! Catherine was also shocked as she had no idea how I did know about the surprise party she made for James.

               “It’s all based on my RESEARCH, sweetie. Now you know who I really am,” I said to Catherine with my most evil-looking face.


               The next day wasn’t fair for her, but at least it was all fine to me. Everyone started to hate her, as what all teenagers would do, although she did nothing to us. I finally got my seat back! I was elated to have to live my normal life, the life I had before she came here, unless guilt came into me. I started feeling guilty in myself and started regretting of what I had done. She was not just being hated by my classmates, but she had also been bullied and ignored.

               I went to her to say sorry. I knew that sorry was not enough. I had to fix the situation. If I were Catherine, I would never forgive myself. I did wrong thing. Shockingly, she forgave me. I was so clueless that how she could forgive me after what I had done. She asked me to fix the situation and I promised her. I hugged her that I was very fortunate to have a forgiving friend like Catherine although after what I had done to her, I could not even forgive myself!

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